RIC is now engaging with various projects, these are running. These are classified in various categories; such as aging concerned program has included to the Older People’s page, microfinance based activities belongs to the Micro-Finance page. Others current program has included the ongoing page.

Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project(PMBP)

Operation and Management of 04 Primacy School and 05 Health Centre Constructed at Mawa and Janjira resettlement sites of Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project

The Government of Bangladesh (GOB) has undertaken implementation of Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project for construction a road cum Railway Bridge over the River Padma at Mawa and Janjira points. The project authority has developed and started implementation a Resettlement Plan for the effected people. Under the resettlement plan is a component of operation and management of 04 (four) Primary Schools and 05(five) Health Centre constructed at resettlement site of Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project (PMBP). Project Authority appointed Resource Integration Centre (RIC) and Swabalambi Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (SSUS) JV through a formal process to assist in operation and management of the Primary Schools and Health Centers in the following locations:

Location of Primary School and Health Centres
Type of Facilities Mawa End Janjira End
RS-2: Jashaldia RS:3 Kumarbhog RS:4 West Nawdoba RS:5 Bakhorerkandi Rs:6 East Nawdoba
Primary School 1 1 1 1 1
Health Center 1 1 1 1 1

School Feeding Programme (SFP)

This project is running for the nutritional development of school going children. Activities of this programs are proper preservation and carrying of high protein biscuits, monitoring the distribution, encouraging home gardening, creating facility to participate in global competition, distribution pill on worm prevention, facilitating raising necessary awareness on good health practices, necessary campaign for increasing female participation in school managing committee and campaigning on HIV/AIDS to the teacher, guardians and members of school management committee. 58,544 persons of 213 schools are the beneficiaries at Moheskhali Upazilla in Cox’s Bazar Upazilla. World Food Programme (WFP) funded to this project.

MaMoni -Health System Strengthening Project:

RIC has been engaged in Strengthening District Health and Key Service Delivery Systems (DHSS) project with an objective to ensure that, all essential components of Upazilla, union level health systems are efficient to support MNH-FP-Nutrition service delivery in an integrated and sustainable manner in Hatiya Upazila. Other objectives of the project are to ensure that critical and lifesaving MNH interventions are available and delivered at optimal quality of care at the community-based service delivery points and from the strategically located facilities, to ensure that, through systems strengthening, meaningful community and local government engagement is engendered at the all levels to improve demand and supply for MNH-FP-Nutrition care and finally to ensure that, a conducive national environment at policy and strategic level is advocated to ensure effective implementation of evidence-based MNHFPN interventions. Happy Mother Happy Mother To achieve the project objectives RIC is implementing flowing major activities: Developing capacity of the ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOH & FW) managers on HR planning, LLP, budget, Work Plan and DIP and Technical support towards local resource mapping and optimum utilization of local and community resources to complement HR gap. Improving quality of care Strengthening Health Management Information System (HMIS) Enhancing MOH ownership, engagement and coordination Capacity building of field workers and service providers Critical gap management to ensure service at low performing areas performing areas Strengthening vital registration system through Local Government Strengthening oversight of LG for MNH –FP Nutrition Budgeting and local problem solving by Union Parishad (UP) Community engagement with health system Total beneficiaries of this project 519,961 persons (Source: Annual Report, 2015-16). USAID, Save the Children, and Ministry of Health; Government of Bangladesh is supporting to this project.

Woman’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Project:

The main objective of the project is to economically empower rural women by engaging them in income-generating activities through improving their access to quality inputs and information in vegetable farming in the homestead. The other major objectives are:

  • Increase vegetable production at homestead level
  • Involve women in income generating activities to empower them at their family
  • Betterment of the quality of the vegetable production through dissemination of modern and profitable cultivation technique
  • Creating supply of better quality inputs for vegetable production
  • Creating market access for rural women where they will have the opportunity to sell directly and get the first-hand money
  • Increasing the knowledge level of rural women on vegetable production, and use of quality inputs.
  • To facilitate developing an incentive-based business model between MFI’s and private input companies so that they can jointly promote efficient information to the homestead women farmers as well as quality input.
  • To facilitate establishing an incentive-based linkage between MFIs and forward market actors at different levels, so that necessary information and knowledge can be passed on to the farmers in order to ensure better price and market access.

  • The target beneficiary of this project is the rural women who stay most of the times at home, the women interested in engaging with income generating activities and also producing necessary vegetables for their own family. RIC engaged 15 firewalls i.e alternative distribution channel actors to deals with on an average 200 households and the total number of homestead farmers would be 3,000. The total number of beneficiaries is expected to be 3,000 and another 3,000 indirect beneficiaries. Two Agriculture Specialists are providing full-time information and troubleshooting support for the farmers and capacity development of the farmers.

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