Resource Integration Centre (RIC) started with relief, rehabilitation and financial assistance program for rural woman after being established as a non-government organization in 1981, long back 35 years by some distinguished social worker to support the national development efforts. RIC focus was on the rural poor specially the woman. RIC has advanced through learning by doing, adjusting its strategy to prevailing circumstances. In progress RIC diverse its activities in almost all major part of development sector, hundreds of employees, volunteers are involved in and support development assistance activities from the isolated islands to the heart of the capital city among them ethnic groups, minority groups, children and older community are mention worthy.

Speach of "Abul Haseeb Khan" (Executive Director, RIC) for Older People Welfare Fund


Tomar Hate Ashar Moshal (তোমার হাতে আশার মশাল)

Older People....(বয়সের বাধা পেরিয়ে।)

রিক প্রবীণ দিবস কর্ম সূচী (পিরোজপুর), 2016

Social Accountibility for Better access to safe water and sanitation project

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